New Open Access agreements

Open Access agreement with Springer Nature

Springer Nature and the Hungarian Academic Consortium (EISZ) announced today an agreement that combines reading access and open access (OA) publishing in one single framework. Effective from January 2019, researchers from the participating consortium institutions will gain access to over 2,000 Springer journals and will have the right to publish their research via the OA model in more than 1,850 Springer hybrid journals without any direct costs, allowing wider reach of current findings and a greater benefit for both science and society.

SpringerNature EISZ 2018 2219

The Electronic Information Service National Programme (EISZ) is the first consortium in the Eastern European region to implement such an agreement. Springer Nature and EISZ agreed to collaborate to establish a forward-thinking system which includes access, and from 2020 onwards, the option of open access publishing rights in the full portfolio of Springer Nature.

“At Springer Nature, we appreciate that academics in Hungary recognise the value our content and services offer. Students and researchers will now have access to our online content portfolio, which will connect them to a broad range of global research, to support research growth and scientific discovery. Based on mutual trust and solid partnership, I am sure the future will be promising as we work to extend the publishing solutions to the full portfolio of Springer Nature,” said Asdaa Kotani, Vice President - Institutional Sales EEMEACA at Springer Nature.

Professor István Monok, General Director of the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Science and President of EISZ Programme Board said, “It is inspiring to witness the transition of publishers towards open access, and we are delighted to be an active and driving force of this change. Springer Nature is a leader in open research and this agreement will represent a significant enhancement for the visibility and impact of Hungarian research.”

About Springer Nature

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About Electronic Information Service National Programme

Electronic Information Service National Programme is the Hungarian National Consortium that provides access to more than 50 scientific journal collections and databases for more than 215 member institutions in Hungary. The National Programme is operated at the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and is supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

SpringerNature EISZ 2018 2192